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Photoshop Recovery Kit – an all-in-one Photoshop file recovery tool that can restore files that other solutions give up on

Photoshop Recovery Kit

Photoshop Recovery Kit helps to repair a Photoshop file after various types of damage.

Photoshop Recovery Kit is an exceptionally fast, stable and efficient Adobe Photoshop recovery program – just what you need when an important PSD file suddenly refuses to open and your deadline is just around the corner. Offering fast and intuitive recovery of Photoshop Adobe files, the product can be efficiently used by people with minimal or zero recovery experience of any sort. If you are lost in a difficult situation and your project has come to a halt, try this Adobe Photoshop recovery tool – it will help you restore the results of your work literally in no time!

Photoshop Recovery Kit offers the following key features:

  • Support of all versions of Adobe Photoshop starting from version 3.0
  • Support of .psd and .8bps files
  • Support of Unicode file names
  • Built-in preview of recoverable layers as images
  • Built-in preview of layer and header properties, as well as other relevant parameters.
  • Support of large files (over 2 GB in size)
  • Direct recovery to a PSD file. The resulting file is 100% normal, valid and properly structured and can be opened in Photoshop once data recovery is complete.
  • Possibility to save each layer as a separate JPG image
  • Possibility to select layer properties for recovery if the default recovery mode generates an incorrect result or if the resulting file causes critical errors in Photoshop. The user can select the properties that will be included in or excluded from the resulting file.
  • Support of RGB mode only (8 bits per channel). If the corrupted file is saved in a different mode, the result of the recovery attempt can be unpredictable.
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The product uses the most advanced algorithms to open damaged files, identify recoverable objects and accurately extract them to a new PSD file. The interface of the program has been optimized for users with little to no recovery experience and is perfectly suitable for people who have never dealt with data recovery in any shape or form. This Adobe Photoshop recover file solution covers every aspect of the process and delivers excellent result even in situations with severely damaged source files.

Disclaimer: please keep in mind that Photoshop Recovery Kit is not classified as a free product, an open source or FOSS project, or any other kind of freeware. The program was created as regular software coming with a free trial version to enable users-to-be to familiarize themselves with its recovery features and assess its fitness for their needs. This is why Photoshop Recovery Kit is not licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The authors of Photoshop Recovery Kit do not ask you to donate to support their work, but rather encourage you to try the best Photoshop corrupt file recovery program yourself and consider becoming a license holder.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above


Unfortunately, some of the claimed functionality was implemented in Adobe Photoshop incorrectly and with errors. Therefore, data that is formally correct causes the Adobe Photoshop to close without warning. In these cases, you need to manually perform the following manipulations with the Photoshop graphic project before saving it:

  • simplify or disassemble smart-objects
  • remove smart-objects from the project
  • make long object names shorter

Using the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop might help you avoid all these issues all together.

Please select a damaged PSD file on first page of repair wizard in Photoshop Recovery Kit

Select file name for new recovered file

Press on Recover button

Selection of the damaged file

Preview of the structure of the damaged file

Selection of the output file

Data recovery